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Animals and microorganism genetic resources


Collections of microorganism cultures as biological resources in situ have an unsubstituting role in fact, that they keep these resources at scientific workplaces. Scientists are using the most modern methods for common cherishing and conservation of gene pool of microorganisms. The collections represent genetic bank of microoorganisms and they are serving to research, education and for use in industrial biotechnology. Unfortunately these collections still have not legal protection, although each of them has made its own status.


Active high input–high output breeds usage/and development is in the Czech Republic very well organised and assured thanks to a long-term breeding policy of all farm animal species accompanied by high quality of selection and hybridisation programmes including breeding value estimation of individual animals, reproduction and production monitoring a permanent progress.

In all the breeds kept in the Czech Republic (cattle 15, sheep 18, pigs 6, horses 6, goats 2) all farm animal of mostly autochtonnous breeds with limited and declined numbers of animals for their utilisation, presentation and conservation are also included. The CR devoted much effort to the conservation of animal genetic resources of small and mainly autochtonnous breeds. Purposefully support and preservation of such animals cannot be omitted not only from the biological, but also from cultural and historical point of view.

The Act No. 240 includes a separate article on farm animal genetic reserves, and the decree indicates the factual breeds:
Cattle: Czech Red
Horses: Old-Kladruby horse, Hutzul
Pigs: Presticke Black pied
Sheep: Sumava sheep
Goats: White and Brown shorthaired
Poultry: Czech gold brindled hen, Czech goose

The National Programme covers all these breeds, additionally selected breeds were:
Cattle: Czech Spotted Cattle
Horses: Silesian Norik
Fishes: Carp, Trout, Tench and others
Rabbits: 6 local breeds
Coypus (Nutrias): 3 local breeds
Bees: Carnica bee

Already more than 400 years the Stud in Kladruby has existed, where in 1995 the breed of an autochtonnous horse breed of Old-Kladruby horse was declared as Natural Cultural Monument under the name National Stud in Kladruby. The stud was founded in 1579, and at present includes approx. 130 fullblood mares of both colour varieties (white and black) with complete pedigree. 

Genetic analyses (polymorphic protein and DNA microsatellites) have been carried out in fish (from blood samples of 525 carps, 42 tenches and 50 other fishes), in Red cattle and Old-Kladruby horse. DNA monitoring, storage and cryosonservation will continue in all limited populations. 

Ministry of the Environment, Agency for Nature Conservation and Landscape Protection, Czech Environmental Institute Tereza Votockova, 10/2/2000