One of the main regions where sturgeon concentrates in the part of the Caspian Sea next to the Turkmen coast. This is the place where fish, which reproduce and hatch in the various rivers of the Caspian drainage (from the Volga in the north to the Sekhridruda in the south) fatten and hibernate. The sturgeons do not currently migrate into the Atrek River (the only Caspian watershed river of the Turkmen coast), and therefore this fish does not reproduce in Turkmenistan.
Turkmenistan can conduct its own regular sturgeon fishing in the Caspian area near the Turkmen coast using the facilities of the Balkanbalyk State Production Association. However, organization of such fisheries would invariably involve the international issues and could have certain negative consequences for economy, fisheries, and conservation. An alternative way for Turkmenistan to secure more complete use of the sturgeon resources in the Caspian Sea would be to increase the Turkmen quota, for which there are all necessary biological, environmental, conservation and legal preconditions.

the Caspian Sea
the Caspian Sea
on the "Osushnoy" island
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