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Land Resources

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Dismembered mountainous relief, diverse geological composition, significant amplitude of surface shapes and altitudes on relatively small area, as well as various water and temperature conditions have predetermined the creation of rich soil contents. The main factors that led to the creation of the diverse soil composition, which are relief, climate, different geological rocks and zone distribution of vegetation, had a great impact on designing of the genetic soil type's vertical development. The development of soils has also been influenced by applying different land cultivation approaches, particularly, irrigation.

Map - Armenia from Space.

Map - Geological.

Due to human activities, the natural development of land has been violated. On the one hand, improper forest cutting, slope ploughing, overgrazing and intensive irrigation led to the development of erosion processes, degradation of soil upper layers, as well as land salinization and leaching. On the other hand, in case of applying of well-organized and correct measures, the lands would gain rich upper layers, proper structure and so on.

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