NATURAL RESOURCES

Turkmenistan is richly endowed with natural and energy resources. Forecast reserves of hydrocarbon resources are estimated at 21-23 trillion m3 of gas and 12,0 billion tons of oil. It has huge stocks of mining and raw chemicals: sulphur, iodine-bromide water, sodium sulphate, potassium and table salt, carbonate raw for chemical industry, etc. Mining raw is presented by bentonite, kaolin, raw for mineral fibre production, marble onyx, ozokerite, etc. The metal minerals are lead, zinc. The country possesses numerous deposits of raw for the building materials production industry.
Oil production level in 1998 was 6.637 million tonnes, natural gas - 13.3 billion m3. Oil production is mostly located in the western part of Turkmenistan near the Caspian Sea. The development of the big gas field has begun in the east of the country near the border with Uzbekistan, on the right bank of the AmuDarya river. The two large oil refineries utilising local raw, are located in the west and in the east of the country.

Gas Production
Gas Production

Currently the oil production increases. The richest oil and gas fields are submitted for joint development to the largest foreign companies (USA, England, etc.) on mutually beneficial basis.

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The Ministry of Nature Protection of Turkmenistan