The amount of atmospheric precipitation for the period 1961 - 1990, in comparison with foregoing 30 years, has been increased in winter season, mainly in the north, east and in foothill areas of Kopetdag. In the west of Turkmenistan more uneven precipitation patterns have been observed. In spring, throughout the whole territory of Turkmenistan, there was the decrease in precipitation. In summer the rainfall was slight, generally in the east and foothill areas of the Kopetdag mountains. In the north and west the increase of precipitation has been observed by a number of stations; the other stations fixed decrease. The amount of the autumn precipitation decreased throughout the whole territory of Turkmenistan.[Diagram]

Kopetdag Mountains
Kopetdag Mountains

The sums of annual average atmospheric precipitation for 1931-1995 have slightly increased throughout the whole territory of the country; with seasonal prevalence of the winter period.
The most intensive mountain torrents in the foothill areas of Turkmenistan were observed during the period with the daily amount of rainfall more than 10 mm. Mountain torrents repeated in the periods 1950-1969 and 1974-1983.

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The Ministry of Nature Protection of Turkmenistan