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This collection of environmental stories from Central Asia was
compiled by UNEP/GRID-Arendal as a 'by-product' to our everyday work
strengthening environmental information systems in the region. We have realized
that official state-of-the-environment reports, indicators and even glossier -
mainly western - journalistic products are unable to transmit real sentiments,
fears and frustrations of people 'on the ground'. In a region where there is
both economically and politically little room for investigative environmental
journalism bridges need to be built. Thus we are increasingly engaging ourselves
in providing linkages between the official information, media and public groups
through workshops, roundtables, and in-depth media tours.

The stories were collected with the help of The Regional
Environmental Centre for Central Asia (CAREC) and presented in the framework of
the 5th Environment for Europe conference, Kyiv, May 2003

We hope that these stories by Central Asian journalists, officials
and environmental activists, - as a starter - provide enjoyable reading and food
for thought.

Associated articles available online