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Following the media
festival and training in Almaty
, the international journalists went on a
three-day media tour of the Northern Caspian area. The issues examined included
AGIP-KCO's planned extraction of offshore oil and construction of a gas/oil
processing plant near Atyrau; TenghizChevroil's operations and sulfur storage;
declining beluga sturgeon stocks, and other Caspian-specific issues.
GRID-Arendal-facilitated Caspian assessment report served as a general
background information source. Detailed site-specific information was collected
through interviews with the sources based in Atyrau such as the AGIP-KCO oil
consortium, TenghizChevroil oil consortium, Oil & Chemical Institute; the
regional office of the Ministry of the Environment, the state-licensed fish
canning enterprise, local fishermen, NGOs, journalists, and the trade

Associated articles available online