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Task Force Workshop. 8-9 March 2001 in Arendal, Norway

Hosted by the Norwegian Ministry of Environment and the Austrian
Federal Environment Agency. Co-ordinated by UNEP/GRID-Arendal

Presentation materials available



Welcome to the Workshop - Nickolai Denisov, CEE
and NIS Programme Manager, GRID-Arendal

Opening Address - Jo Stein Moen, Political
Advisor to the Norwegian Minister of Environment

Living Information - Marta Prerovska, Senior
Adviser, Gazette Communications and Information, Norway

The Articles of the Aarhus Convention related to electronic
information - Johannes Mayer, Austrian Federal Environment

The challenge of unlimited possibilities
- Professor Jon Bing, Dr. juris., Norwegian Research Center for
Computers and Law, University of Oslo, Norway

Introduction to case studies and initial results from needs
survey - Jerome Simpson, Regional Environmental Center for
Central and Eastern Europe

The use of ICT and non electronic
mechanisms in implementing the Aarhus Convention (European

Dialogue with the Public - An Internet-based
discussion forum (Bulgaria)

Cooperation between NGO's and Parliament Committees
for Promoting Use of the Internet for Advancing the Access to Public
Information (Israel)

Electronic Tools for the Aarhus Convention Task
Force Workshop in Arendal, Norway 08. - 09. March 2001

EDP-Supported Data Catalogue (Danube-Data-Catalogue)

EU Presentation on EULEX

Ireland Presentation on Capacity Building

Perspectives on Capacity Building from an Eastern
Perspective - Irina Atamuradova, System Administrator, Ministry
of Nature Protection, Turkmenistan
(text version in russian

Working Group Conclusions (Working Groups
1-4) - (.pdf format)

Wrap-up and Future planning

Other materials

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