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UNEP/GRID-Arendal and the Northwestern Federal Regional Department of the
State Control and Prospective Development in the Sphere of Use and Protection of
Environment of the Ministry of the Natural Resources of Russia organized the
second regional training workshop: 'Communication of environmental
information' with the support from the Swedish Environmental
Protection Agency in the framework of the project 'Strengthening production,
dissemination and use of environmental information in Northwest Russia'.

The workshop gathered 37 participants including staff persons of the regional
bodies of the Department of the State Control responsible for outreach/PR;
environmental journalists; and representatives of environmental NGOs from St.
Petersburg and the regions.

The workshop objectives were:

  • to promote cooperation of government authorities, journalists and NGO
    leaders in environmental matters;

  • to build capacity of the staff of the Department in communication of the
    environmental information to target audiences: decision makers, media and
    general public;

  • to train environmental journalists in using the environmental information
    available on electronic carriers; and

  • to teach basic communication strategies to leaders of environmental

  • to discuss the development of environmental information network in the

    Workshop proceedings

Agenda (.doc in Rus and .doc Eng)

List of participants, (.doc in

Effective communication of environmental information (.ppt in Rus)

Round table on development of environmental information networks in the
Northwest federal district of Russia (.doc in

The concept of environmental information network (.doc in Rus)