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The overall objective of UNEP s support for the Ministry of Environment and
Spatial Planning of Kosovo was to build capacity in the newly established
Division of Nature Protection and other ministry s subordinated bodies dealing
with nature protection.

The tangible support was carried out through a five-week training
programme covering biodiversity, policy, information management and
communication issues.

The training programme was designed in two layers. The first layer or morning
session was devoted to introducing participants to the main concepts of the
key issues. It was attended by all the staff in the Division of Nature
Protection and the Department of Spatial Planning, as well as relevant
people from the Kosovo Environmental Protection Agency and the Mali Sharr
National Park Conservation Unit. The second layer or afternoon session was
devoted to providing on-the-job assistance to the four staff
members in the Division of Nature Protection.

Selected materials of the information management and communication part.

Workshop agenda (.doc) and list of participants

Session 1: Information Chain and Information Management (.ppt)

Session 2: Introduction on Environmental Impact Assessment (.ppt)

Session 3: Environmental Information Systems (.ppt)

Session 4: Monitoring Programme (.ppt)

Session 5: Indicators for Integrated Environmental Assessment (.ppt)

Session 6: Elements for reporting. Visual representation and cartography (.ppt)