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The regional workshop Environmental information management and reporting for
representatives from national ministries of environment from Ukraine, Moldova,
Belarus and Russia was held in Kiev on 26-29 January 2004.

Workshop was organized by the UNEP (GRID-Arendal and href="">DEWA~Europe/GRID-Geneva) and the href="">Environmental Agency of
England and Wales
in close cooperation with the Ministry of Environment and
Natural Resources of Ukraine and hosted by the Ukrainian Land and Resource
Management Center (ULRMC).

The workshop was facilitated by Valentin Yemelin and Ieva Rucevska.
Presenters and trainers included Ron Witt (UNEP/DEVA), Malkolm Gorton (EA of
England and Wales) trainers from ULRMC and the TEAP III (see the agenda for

Workshop objectives were to expose workshop participants to the concepts and
provide hands-on training in integrated environment assessment and communication
of environmental information and to support preparation / updating of popular
electronic reports on the state of the environment of participating countries/

The regional workshop gathered 26 participants from 4 countries, 1 autonomous
republic, 10 oblasts and the city of Kiev.

 Workshop proceedings

in English:

Session E: What is in Your Backyard - a GIS Internet based
national web application (.ppt)

Efficiency of the reporting on environmental measures (.pdf)

Workshop evaluation by participants (.xls)

In Ukrainian:

Session C4: Biodiversity of Ukraine (.doc)

In Russian:

Workshop agenda (.doc) and
list of participants (.doc)

Session A: Northwest Russia Environmental Information project (.ppt)

Session A: The UNEP process of IEA reporting (.ppt)

Session B1: Environmental information, education and awareness
raising project (.ppt)

Session B1: Environmental information, education and awareness
raising project  in the NIS countries (.ppt)

Session B2: Access to information (.ppt)

Session B2: Effective communication of environmental information

Session C1: Recommendations for preparation of IEA reports (.ppt)

Session C2: Tips on writing the technical texts (.ppt)

Session C3: Basics of thematic cartography (.ppt)

Session C4: The Ukrainian SoE Outlook (.ppt)

Session C5: Analysis of the preparation of the IEA report on the
environment of the Dnieper river basin

Session D: Indicators as the instrument of IEA (.ppt)

Session D: Traditional and integrated SoE reporting (.ppt)

Session D: Indicators as the instrument of the IEA reporting (.ppt)

Survey on the information access problems (.doc)