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Within the Environmental Media and Communication Program, the first workshop for print-media journalists was carried out from 15 to 19 March 2004. The workshop brought together eight young journalists from the main Albanian newspapers. The goal of the workshop was to write environment-related articles to be published in a four-page supplement. The in-depth environment coverage was focused on environmental inspection and enforcement through three different stories: transport in Tirana, industrial activities in Elbasan, and illegal construction in the coast shore in Durres. 

After five days of intensive training, facilitated by senior environment correspondents Paul Brown (The Guardian) and Alex Kirby (BBC Online), the supplement was developed and published in one of the major Albanian newspapers Shekulli (The Century).

Stories published after the workshop:

Albanian Environmental stories published in Shekulli, March 22 

Welcome to Tirana, Europe's pollution capital (By Paul Brown, The Guardian, March 27, 2004)  
Elbasan from market garden to dead zone (By Paul Brown, The Guardian, March 27, 2004)
Albania tackles killer exhausts (By Alex Kirby, BBC on-line)

Albania's deadly factories tamed (By Alex Kirby, BBC on-line)