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Armenia has its share of environmental problems, including a nuclear power
plant subject to contradicting assessments, polluted rivers, reservoirs on the
verge of collapse, and the destruction of green zones as a result of
infrastructure development.  

A group of twelve Armenian and foreign journalists that participated in the
workshop Coverage of Environmental Issues in May investigated some of these
problems and wrote articles highlighting the quality of drinking water, the
state of Yerevan green zones, and the Metsamor Nuclear Power Plant.  Their
findings were published in Armenia
, an Armenian online newspaper.

The weeklong workshop was organized by the Caucasus Media Institute, the US
Embassy in Armenia, GRID-Arendal, and The Guardian.  It was facilitated by
Paul Brown (The Guardian), Kieran Cooke (The Financial Times) and John Bennett
(Bennett & Associates).

Stories published after the workshop:

halts aid to Armenia over quake-zone nuclear plant
(by Paul Brown, The