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The regional
workshop «Enhancement of public participation in environmental issues on the
local level
» took place in St. Petersburg, Russia on October 2-4, 2004. It
was organized in the framework of the project Increasing the impact of the
environmental information in the Northwest Russia funded by the Swedish EPA and
UNEP/GRID-Arendal and facilitated by the Swedish trainer Marilyn Mehlmann from
GAP-Sweden/GAP-International and trainers from the St. Petersburg Consulting and
Training Centre Libra.

The workshop was focused on the methodological questions of work with the
public in the field of environment, community building, as well as on
coordination of cooperation between local municipalities and residents,
awareness raising and motivation of environmental activities.

The workshop gathered 25 representatives of the leading environmental
organizations from all 11 republics and regions comprising the Northwest Federal
District. They learned the theory of public involvement and motivation, basic
skills of empowerment technique of working with public which they will use in
training of municipal officials. Concrete examples of residential community
building EcoTeam and EcoHouse programs were demonstrated.

Workshop program (doc.Eng,

List of participants (doc.Rus)