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src="file:///C:/Documents and Settings/yemelin/My Documents/My Pictures/Baku2005/P1012682_resize.JPG"
width=174>Caspian environment journalism workshop was held in Baku on April 5-8,
2005. It gathered journalists from 5 Caspian countries: Azerbaijan, Iran,
Kazakhstan, Russia and Turkmenistan. The master-class was taught by Paul Brown
(The Guardian) and Kieran Cooke (Financial Times) and facilitated by John
Bennett (Bennett & Associates, NY).

The workshop, organized by UNEP/GRID-Arendal and hosted by the Caspian
Environmental Program was welcomed by the Ministry of Ecology and Natural
Resources of Azerbaijan and personally by the Minister Hussein Bagirov. The
workshop focused on the topics of the environmental and health aspects related
to oil and chemical industries. Participants visited oil field sites in the
outskirts of Baku and chemical plants in Sumgait. They met with
representatives of the British Petroleum, World Bank and other institutions,
interviewed residents of Baku and workers of chemical plants. Articles written
by participants will be published in national press.

Outcomes of the workshop:

post-industrial hangover
' by Kieran Cooke, BBC, Azerbaijan
Azerbaijan prepares to get rich'
by Kieran Cooke, BBC, Azerbaijan
'Caspian oil
set for fast flow to the West'
by Kieran Cooke, BBC