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The training was organized within the framework of the Environment and
Security Initiative. The goal of the nine-day workshop was to provide hands-on
skills building for Georgian television reporters. The workshop brought together
eight participants - young editors, journalists and a cameraman. The workshop
was designed to allow journalists to work side by side with senior environmental
producers and reporters while reporting on two ´environment and security`
related issues: landfills in Tbilisi and the Madneuli copper-gold mine. Both
issues were linked to trans-boundary water pollution through Kura River to

A Georgian senior editor (Internews), an international senior
producer (TVE, United Kingdom) and two international organizations (Bennett
&Associates and GRID-Arendal) facilitated the workshop. It was organized in
the partnership with OSCE, GRID-Arendal, the Internews and the Caucasus
short, 10-minute documentaries were produced as a result of the workshop. 

Videos available in Georgian: (Flash format) 

'Story on landfills in Tbilisi': Small (11mb) |
Large (50mb)

'Story on the Madneuli copper-gold mine': Small (11mb) |
Large (50mb)

Videos available in Georgian with English subtitles: (Flash

'Story on landfills in Tbilisi': Small (23mb)
| Large (105mb)
on the Madneuli copper-gold mine': Small (23mb)
| Large (104mb)