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The workshop was supported by the United Nations Environmental Programme's
Division of Environmental Conventions as part of its task to implement the
Climate Change Convention at the national level. During the four-day workshop
two issues of importance for Georgia were identified and investigated. One group
of journalists looked into the melting glaciers in Georgia and its possible
impact on water and electricity supply.  A second group of journalists
reported on the increasing desertification in parts of Georgia and how this
affects crops and human livelihoods. Working side by side with the senior
international environment reporters Paul Brown (The Guardian, UK) and Kieran
Cooke (BBC, Financial Times) and facilitated by John Bennett (John Bennett &
Associates) and Karen Landmark (UNEP/GRID-Arendal), ten Georgian journalists
improved their knowledge on reporting climate change issues. As the outcome of
the workshop, a series of stories were published on different newspapers.

Reported stories

million at risk as Georgian floods loom
, by Paul Brown 'The Guardian', UK

is the cruellest month, A combination of global warming, unstable geology and
heavy rains leaves much of Georgia vulnerable to springtime natural
, by Tiko Giorgadze, 'Messenge,' Georgia