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The workshop on
environmental journalism was held on 16-18 June 2003 in Tirana, Albania. The
goal of the workshop was to build environmental reporting skills while writing
environment-related articles to be published in the newspapers. Eight
journalists from Albanian main newspapers, radio and TV stations with the great
interest attended the workshop. 

This workshop was the result of close cooperation
between The Guardian and UNEP/GRID-Arendal, which was based on a 'hands on' case
study approach to teaching environmental news reporting.

During a three-day training workshop co-led by Paul
Brown and John Bennett, journalist-participants focused on the issue 'tourism
and the environment', a complex and important issue currently facing Albania.
Albania's spectacular coastline and other attributes offer great potential for
tourism. At the same time, significant challenges must be overcome if this
potential is to be realized. These include inadequate coastal zone protection
and Environmental Assessment report; illegal development; and compensation
claims for lost land.

Workshop participants interviewed senior government
officials in the areas of environment and tourism, the director of a leading
tourist site construction firm, the director of Butrint National Park (a UNESCO
World Heritage Site), biologists with the National Museum of Science and the
general manager of Tirana's newest luxury hotel, the Sheraton.

Within days, news stories on the topic appeared on
television and in major newspapers including The Guardian. 
See the article

-)  The Guardian 21 June 2003 by Paul

' Albania bids to boost tourism' 

-) PANORAMA Thursday 19 June 2003
by Brikena Demiraj
'NO - to the golf field at the National
Park in Butrinti'

-) Korieri 20 June 2003 by Denisa

People coming from up North of the country will
revitalize 'Butrinti'.


-) Korieri 19 June 2003 Denisa

A full  page with different articles on
tourism, 'Albania will have over 150 yacht ports; 'This are the conditions to
get a construction license in the cost line'; The potable water and
sewage still a problem to be solve in Golem, Kavaja region.


-) Albania 19 June 2003 by Enkelejda

'Tourism, the 'Albanian mine' jeopardize by garbage
and neglect'


-) Shekulli (Albania's largest
newspaper) 19 June 2003  Elda Spaho

Welcome to Albania, were you could find ...

not only garbage and insicurity but 600 miles
cost line and luxaru hotels.


-) Panorama 28 June 2003

'The big ' village with the American School. - (the
article is about Golem, the village were is also construted the 'Epidamus
tourist village'