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The list of hard-copy publications and CD-ROM (co-)authored,
published and/or facilitated by GRID-Arendal's Capacity Building Programme,
available for online bookshop of the United Nations Environment Programme
(UNEP) - EarthPrint .


Planet in Peril: An Atlas of Current Threats to People and the
Order at EarthPrint


Mining for Closure: Policies, practices and guidelines for sustainable mining
and closure of mines.
Online in English |
Order at EarthPrint

Environment and Security: Transforming risks into cooperation - Central Asia
- Ferghana / Osh / Khujand area.
Online in English and
 | Order at EarthPrint

Vital Climate Change Graphics.
Online in
 | Order at EarthPrint


Poster on priority areas in the Southern Caucasus. Online in English
and in Russian

Environment and Security Transforming Risks into Cooperation - The Case of
the Southern Caucasus. Online in English
and in Russian


Environment and Security. Transforming risks into cooperation. The case for
Central Asia and South Eastern Europe, brochure. Online in English
and in Russian ,
for sale EarthPrint.

Thirteen Environmental Stories from Central Asia, brochure. Online in English , for sale EarthPrint

Environment in Central & Eastern Europe, Caucasus and Central Asia, 2003
CD-ROM (edition for the ministerial conference 'Environment for Europe', Kyiv) .
For sale EarthPrint.

Virtual Media Tour CD-ROM edition for the ministerial conference 'Environment
for Europe', Kyiv). For sale EarthPrint

State of the Environment of Russia (popular report). Online in Russian.





  • Balkans Task Force, Final Report on the Impacts of the Kosovo Conflict on
    the Environment
  • Ukraine. National Report on the State of Environment 98, CD-ROM htmls/ukraina/soe98/
  • The PHARE Site. Making Access to environmental information from
    Central and Eastern europe easy. CD-ROM


  • State of the Environment Reports Sampler CD-ROM. Special edition for the
    European Ministerial Conference 'Environment for Europe' in Aarhus. (The CD
    features 14 national state-of-the-environment reports from Central and Eastern
    Europe and the NIS, the GEO I report, the Baltic GIS and statistical database,
    and more than 150 'Vital environmental graphics'.) Order online from

  • Cookbook for State of the Environment Reporting on the Internet, book and
    CD-ROM, English and Russian

  • State of the Environment Reporting. Institutional and Legal Arrangements
    in Europe.

  • Streamlining and Harmonisation of Biodiversity Information and Reporting
    in the NIS proceedings.cfm?article=4
  • State of the Environment in the Aral Sea Basin. International Seminar
    Report (in English and Russian) proceedings.cfm?article=3
  • The Environment and Natural Resources Information Network (ENRIN) in
    Central and Eastern Europe and the NIS. UNEP's Capacity Development in
    Environmental Information Management htmls/occpap2/index.htm
  • State of the Environment Reporting on the Internet. Training course manual
    for the PHARE countries
  • Preparation of State of the Environment Reports on the Internet]. Training
    course manual for Azerbaijan and Central Asia (partly in Russian)
  • State of the Environment Reporting: a Checklist for SOE Reporting