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State of Environment reports - National
  • Environment in Bosnia and Herzegovina 2002
    2002 Civil Society Promotion Center
    This is the on-line version of the publication Environment in Bosnia and Herzegovina 2002, published by Civil Society Promotion Center from Sarajevo in June 2002.
    Also available: Bosanski
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina: State of the Environment 1998
    1998 Environment Department, Federal Ministry of Physical Planning and Environment, Bosnian Environmental Technologies Association, UNEP/GRID-Arendal
    This report assesses ten major environmental themes for Bosnia-Herzegovina: the marine and coastal environment, socio-economic development, nature and biodiversity, the urban environment, soil degradation, climate change, acidification, chemicals, water and waste. The pressure-state-response framework is used.
State of Environment reports - Thematic
  • Biodiversity Bosnia and Herzegovina 2000
    2000 Federal Ministry of Physical Planning and Environment
    War by itself is destructive for the environment and in Bosnia and Herzegovina it has caused great problems in the area of the protection of natural ecosystems, its content and diversity.