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State of Environment reports - National
  • State of Environment in Estonia on the Threshold of XXI Century 2001
    2001 Estonian Environment Information Centre
    This report uses a modified pressure-state-response framework of environmental indicators to assess the state of the environment in Estonia. The main environmental issues examined are atmospheric air, water, biodiversity and waste.
  • State of Environment in Estonia 2000
    2000 Estonian Environment Information Centre "in cooperation with consultants of Phare DADAM project"
    This report uses Pressure, State, Impact and Response indicators to determine the state of the environment in Estonia. Thirteen environmental themes are examined, including acidification, eutrophication, biodiversity, water resources and waste disposal. The "Indicators" link provides an overview of all thirteen themes and the indicators used to assess them.
State of Environment reports - Thematic
  • Biodiversity in Estonia 2000
    Biological diversity (biodiversity) has been well preserved in Estonia and forms a very important natural value not only for the country but also region-wide. Consequently, the wildlife in Estonia is relatively rich in species, strong communities, relatively well preserved landscapes, satisfactory genofond of local breed animals and cultivated plants. The major challenge for the nearest future is to prevent or reduce adverse impacts on biodiversity and historical particularities of landscapes due to the socio-economic transformations in Estonia, in particular the land and ownership reforms.