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State of Environment reports - National
  • Kyrgyzstan State of the Environment Report 2001
    2001 Ministry of Enviroment Protection
    State of the Environment Report 2001, in Russian only.
  • Environment state of Kyrgyz Republic 2000
    2000 National Environment Protection Ministry
    At present the ecological situation in the Kyrgyz Republic is getting worse, for instance intensive melting of glaciers, shortage of fresh drinking water, soil salinisation, withdrawal of fertile and watered lands from crop rotation,and disappearance of unique biodiversity.
  • State of the Environment of Kyrgyzstan 1998
    1998 Kyrgyz-Russian Slavic University and Ministry of Enviroment Protection
    In a number of its regions and on a number of indicators a state is characterised by crisis phenomena which may to proceed in irreversible processes.  An unfavourable in a whole ecological state is aggravated by economic problems, forcing the population inefficient to use natural resources (cutting down woods, poaching, extensive use of arable grounds, neglect by melioration and other measures) that results, by a principle of a closed circle, in much greater deterioration of an ecological state.           At the same time, in Kyrgyzstan the unique landscapes, cleanest waters and air were kept almost untouched by anthropogenic activity which, besides other, have economic value, represent the special goods of international importance, the price on which will grow with time.
State of Environment reports - Local
State of Environment reports - Thematic