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State of Environment reports - National
  • Environmental Indicators in Latvia 2002
    2002 Latvia
    Environmental Indicators in Latvia - 2002
  • Latvian State of the Environment Report 1998
    1998 Latvian Environment Agency
    This report uses the state-pressure-response framework to assess the state of the environment in Latvia. Seven main environmental themes are assessed: nature and biodiversity, soil and agriculture, air, water, natural resources, municipal solid wstes and enviornmental risks auch as radiation and environmental accidents. Includes links to the 1997 and 1996 SOE reports.
  • Latvian State of the Environment Report 1997
    1997 Environmental Consulting and Monitoring Centre, Latvia
    This report covers biodiversity, air, water, soil, natural resources and other factors to assess the state of Latvia's environment. The State, Pressure, Response framework of assessment is used.
State of Environment reports - Local
State of Environment reports - Thematic
  • Biodiversity in Latvia 2000
    2000 Latvian Environment Data Centr
    Biological diversity in Latvia, the composition of plant and animal species, vegetation and ecosystems was formed over about 12 000 years. It is one of Latvia's most significant national treasures. Human activities over the years have resulted in the destruction or endangering of many species and biotopes. The preservation of biological diversity is one of the most important national environmental protection priorities in Latvia. This report is review on species richness and diversity of ecosystems and measures for preservation of biodiversity in Latvia.