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State of Environment reports - National
  • State of the Environment in Poland 1998
    1998 State Inspectorate for Environmental Protection
    Improvement in or reduction of the rate of degradation of many environmental components is observed in Poland. Not the industry anymore, but rather growing individual consumption of energy, fuels and disposable and short-term usage goods, as well as uninhibited motorization growth, is posing ever increasing threats to the environment.
    Also available: English version
  • State of the Environment in Poland 1997
    1997 Andrzejewski, Roman, Stanislaw Balazy et al.; UNEP-GRID Warsaw
    This report assesses thirteen major environmental themes in Poland, including the geographical environment (assessing climate, soils and other factors), forests, groundwater, climate, the agricultural environment and waste products. Other areas assessed are land use, soils, noise and vibration, protected areas and species, air, radioactivity and surface water and the Baltic Sea. The report's conclusions include that chemical pollution, land use changes and biodiversity loss are some of the most serious environmental problems in Poland.