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State of Environment reports - National
  • Environment in Slovenia 1996
    1996 Ministry of the Environment and Physical Planning (MEPP) and MEPP Nature Authority, Slovenia
    This report uses the pressure-state-response framework to assess six main environmental themes for Slovenia: air, water, soil, nature and biological diversity, waste and radiation. It also discusses socio-economic integration and five environmental problems and themes: climate change, chemicals and genetically modified organisms, photochemical smog, urban stress and coastal management.
State of Environment reports - Thematic
  • Slovenia biodiversity 2000
    2000 Peter Skoberne
    Although data are still incomplete, some recent studies show that Slovenia, covering a small surface area, is extremely rich in species diversity. Economic growth based on industrial, urban and agricultural development contributed to pollution of surface and ground water, soil and air and to decrease in biological and landscape diversity. In 1994, the first draft of the Nature Conservation Strategy was prepared as a long term vision for activities at international, national and local levels based on European and global strategic documents.