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State of Environment reports - National
  • State of Environment Turkmenistan 2000
    2000 Ministry of Nature Protection of Turkmenistan
    State of Environment Turkmenistan 2000
  • State of the Environment Turkmenistan 1998
    1998 Research and Production Center of Ecological Monitoring of Ministry of the Use of the Natural Resources and Environmental Protection of Turkmenistan
    This state of the environment report for Turkmenistan assesses eight major environmental sectors: climate, air, water, soil, biological diversity, fish resources, waste and mineral resources. For each sector, general conditions are assessed and programs for improvement are discussed. The report includes background information on Turkmenistan, its ecological legislation and related administrative bodies and a section on regional environmental problems.
State of Environment reports - Thematic
  • Biodiversity Turkmenistan 2000
    2000 Ministry of Nature Protection of Turkmenistan
    Turkmenistan has a complicated geological history and a varied geographical location, which together have influenced the development of a significant diversity of fauna and flora in the region. In recent years a number of influences have resulted in damage to the environment and to its biodiversity. In 1999, Turkmenistan started to produce National Environmental Action Plan (NEAP) with funding from UNDP.