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State of Environment reports - National
  • State of the environment Uzbekistan 2001
    2001 Department of Ecological Information and Forecasting, State Committee for Nature Protection
    State Of Environment Report for Uzbekistan
  • Uzbekistan : National Report of Uzbekistan for Nature Protection 2000
    2000? Ecological Information and Forecast Department (Ecoinformprognoz); State Committee for Nature Protection of the Republic of Uzbekistan (Goskompriroda); UNEP-GRID Arendal
    This state of the environment report for Uzbekistan covers seven major themes: geography, land resources (soils and agriculture), water resources, the Aral Sea, atmospheric air, waste and architectural monuments. The state of each sector is described, and where available, plans of action are discussed.
State of Environment reports - Local
  • State of the Environment in Tashkent 2001
    2001 State Committee for Environment Protection
    The indicator-based popular assessment of the state of the environment in the Uzbek capital is a result of cooperation between the State Committee for Environment Protection and GRID-Arendal's CEROI prorgamme. The report is reviewed and endorsed by the Institute for Strategic Studies under the President of Uzbekistan.